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Sunday, January 14, 2018

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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Signs of the Last Days - News for the week of Jan 7 - Jan 13, 2018

Unless you have been hiding in a cave somewhere in the back country for the last decade, you should have noticed by now just how fast our society is changing, and certainly not for the good. The bible speaks of a time when society will become increasingly immoral and depraved right before the end, where evil will become good and good will become evil:

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. Isaiah 5:20 NIV

There is only cursing, lying and murder, stealing and adultery; they break all bounds, and bloodshed follows bloodshed. Hosea 4:2 NIV

It will become a time when the hands of the rulers will be skilled in doing evil and where those leaders will conspire to bring about what they desire society to become - that being a world where mankind will create a god of his own making governed by what man feels is right in his own mind.

Both hands are skilled in doing evil; the ruler demands gifts, the judge accepts bribes, the powerful dictate what they desire-- they all conspire together. Micah 7:3 NIV

There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death. Proverbs 14:12 NIV

Doesn't that sound like the present times in which we live? We now live during a period when society is greatly divided along lines of morality and truth. Either the truth of the bible, (always the same), or the 'truth' that society deems it to be, (which is an ever changing line).

When we look at the headlines from this past week, we see where the radical LGBTQ sexual agenda has thrown off the truths of God's word, (which explicitly states this agenda to be depraved and wrong), and anything now is to be accepted and celebrated. We also see where both government and conglomerates are shutting down the debate about such issues by censoring those who would speak up against that which is against the truth of God's word.

We also see a time when technology is destroying the boundaries which God placed in his creation where the creation will reproduce only after its own kind. Man is attempting to pervert this boundary in order to recreate the image of God, (humankind), with both genetics and technology. Mankind in his hubris, is attempting to produce a hybrid species which would incorporate genetic abilities from the animal kingdom and/or creating humans with technological abilities that would make mankind immortal, (uploading human consciousness into lifeless human blanks or synthetic droids).

We also live in a time when Christians are under attack like never before, (outright persecution and subversive marginalization), and where interest in the occult and Satanism is now to be celebrated and upheld because its another way to fight against the Trump administration and to rebel against the truths of the bible and the norms of morality that have underpinned Western society for centuries.

So how much longer can all this go on before the God of the bible says enough is enough? Well a good many signs point to that happening very soon. From all the rumors of war, to the ongoing and growing hatred of the Jewish State, (the Burdensome Stone), to the signs in nature itself, (anomalous weather, increasing seismic/volcanic activity, disease/plague outbreaks), These all tell us that we are indeed very close to the end, and that God is ready to turn his attention back towards Israel and to complete his plan with the Jewish people, (the time of Jacobs Trouble - Jeremiah 30:7, the final seven years - Daniel 9:24-27).

So keep looking up. Time is short. The day of redemption is drawing near, (Luke 21:28).

Prophecy Sign:  Israel & Jerusalem - Peace Covenant and the Cup of Trembling

Forging ahead, Trump team confident its peace plan appeals to Palestinians

Arab League to seek recognition of 'Palestine'

War between Israel and Iran is inevitable, and there is one person to blame: Barack Obama

Cabinet concerned about military developments in the north

Saudi Arabia working with Israel against Iran

Prophecy Sign:  Rumors of War

Russia ‘simulated a full-scale war against NATO’, warns military commander

Prophecy Sign:  The Division of Society, (Good vs Evil)

But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived. 2 Timothy 3:13 NIV
When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan. Proverbs 29:2 NIV

In Clash Between California and Trump, It’s One America Versus Another

California in revolt: how the progressive state plans to foil the Trump agenda

The dawn of American socialism

California Professor to Students: Violate U.S. laws, 'Destroy' White Democracy

The Left’s attacks on white people resemble the same demonization of Jews before the great genocide

Democrats, Psychiatrists Plot Medical Coup to Remove President Trump From Office

Prophecy Sign:  Increased Knowledge, (Image of the Beast & Mark of the Beast)

Intel Unveils ‘Breakthrough’ Quantum Computer

Is Artificial Intelligence the Mark of the Beast?

AI could transform religious practice and social norms 

The Promise and the Threat of AI

Artificial intelligence will enhance us, not replace us

Prophecy Sign:  Kingdom of Antichrist:  Surveillance & Controlling the Message

World's Biggest Biometric Database Grows in India Amid Doubt

Beijing bets on facial recognition in a big drive for total surveillance

NSA surveillance bill would legalize loophole that lets FBI spy on Americans without a warrant

Facebook to roll out facial recognition AI in latest deep state ploy to use your own biometrics against you

Facebook developing ‘Portal’ gadget which will let it put microphones and cameras in people’s homes

Bombshell Undercover Video: Twitter Engineers Admit Censoring Conservatives

Google’s New Fact-Check Feature Almost Exclusively Targets Conservative Sites

Google Is The 'Greatest Threat' To Free Speech In America, Tech Barons 'Our New Commissars'

Anti-Conservative Censorship Spreads From Campuses To Big Tech

Tolerance preachers fail to see irony of their own glaring intolerance, (a very good read)

Prophecy Sign:  Roaring and Tossing of the Seas, (anomalous weather patterns) 

Report: 485 Scientific Papers Published in 2017 Undermine Supposed ‘Consensus’ on Climate Change

Stephen Hawking: Earth will become unbearably boiling hot thanks to climate change

Just 96 months to save world, says Prince Charles, (from July 2009 and we are still here in 2018)

Today is Al Gore’s 10 Year Global Warming Doomsday, (Al Gore's pronouncement was from January 2006 and the world somehow managed to make it to 2018)

Al Gore under fire for claiming icy storm is ‘exactly what we should expect from climate crisis’, (Al Gore are you still at it with this fake news nonsense??)

Extreme hurricanes and wildfires made 2017 the most costly U.S. disaster year on record

.....and the winters will be severe

And there will be great earthquakes in different places, and famines and plagues;  and  there will be alarming sights, and great signs will appear from heaven;  and the winters will be severe. Luke 21:11 Lamsa Translation

East Coast Set for Wickedly Cold Weekend of Sub-Zero Temps

Wind chill at Mount Washington drops to minus 90 degrees

Sahara Desert covered in 15 inches of snow as freak weather blankets sand dunes

Sydney swelters on hottest day since 1939 as mercury hits 47.3C

Thousands of flying foxes fall from sky after being ‘boiled alive’ in sweltering Australia heatwave

Prophecy Sign:  Increasing volcanic and earthquake activity

Earth’s Volcanoes Are Waking Up: Dormant Papua New Guinea Volcano Erupts For First Time

Massive 7.6 magnitude earthquake strikes in the Caribbean: Islands escape major damage after one of the most powerful tremors ever to hit the region

8 earthquakes strike along Iran-Iraq border, rattle Baghdad

Prophecy Sign:  Pestilence, Plagues and Disease 

Black Death Two: Girl, 9, drops dead as strange 'eye-bleeding fever' spreads

Flu season is shaping up as one of the worst in years, officials say

Flu stomps the nation, overwhelming ERs and leaving 20 children dead

Prophecy Sign:  Increased Christian Persecution/Marginalization 

Study: Over 200 Million Christians Worldwide Facing Severe Persecution

1 in 12 Christians worldwide persecuted, report shows

Chinese authorities demolish Christian mega-church sparking fears of religious persecution

Prophecy Sign:  Societal Collapse, increasing Depravity, and the Apostate Church

Just in time for Revelation 9:20-21, Satanic/Occultist/Demonic worship & Pharmakia, (Drugs):

'Unbelief' and 'Comfortable' Christianity Fueling Millennial Interest in Occult, Astrology, Pastors Say

A new generation of L.A. Satanists finds community in blasphemous times

Hell freezes over: how the Church of Satan got cool

High Praise: Pot Churches Proliferate As States Ease Access To Marijuana

The radical LGBTQP, (or alphabet soup of perversion as we call it), agenda marches on

Washington state allows 3rd sex option 'X' on birth certificates

Who would have thought the 'unnatural' exchange from 'natural', (Romans 1:26-27), would include this: 

'It's the next big thing' Male sex robots coming in 2018 as demand skyrockets

One in five Germans wants a robot sex doll - and six per cent of adults say they could fall in LOVE with one

There’s a new sex robot in town: Say hello to Solana

Male pregnancy may be closer than you think
What happens in the fox hole stays in the fox hole, (or did they repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell??)

British Army in gay recruitment drive as soldier numbers fall

US military will accept transgender recruits after court strikes down Trump ban, says Department of Defence

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Signs of the Last Days - News for the week of Jan 1 - Jan 6, 2018

Welcome back, and best wishes for a great year 2018.  And to those that may be celebrating the upcoming Easter Orthodox Christmas, (January 7), we pray for God's blessing upon you and your family during this time of celebration of Christ's first coming.

So it's out with the old, (2017), and in with the new, (2018), and has anything changed?  When it comes to talk of war, seemingly not much.  The world may only be a handful of months if not weeks from something erupting in either the Middle-East or more likely, the Korean Peninsula, (see the multitude of article below).

Then there is the continued growth in the global surveillance state. Huge global national organizations and companies such as Facebook, Google and Twitter along with government are doing their level best to purge what they consider to be both hate speech and fake news, (and just who gets to decide what is what is never told to us by these organizations).  In fact we can pretty much assume those to be band will include any person or group holding to a biblical Christian belief system that would have many grievances with the growing secular/humanistic/all perversions accepted world view.  Case in point, (article below), Facebook recently shut down a page for the organization called "Warriors for Christ", for just such reasons precised by the panic squad inside the Facebook re-education department.  (You think website's such as the one you are presently visiting will be allowed to exist during the time of the Antichrist??  Think again!)

Knowledge is increasing at rates nearly incomprehensible to fathom.  Especially with such sciences as genetics and artificial intelligence.  Two areas of which we believe will play huge roles in the time of the Tribulation and the Kingdom of Antichrist.  With genetics, these "enhancements" of mankind will most certainly lead to the corruption of God's creation, (humankind), as part of the coming 'Mark of the Beast".  As for artificial intelligence, it's looking more and more like this will lead to the future 'Image of the Beast' and Beast-Tech surveillance/police state.  If you want to know more about how this might look in the very near future we recommend watching a recent Hollywood movie called "The Circle" which stars Tom Hanks and Emma Watson.

Another thing that we seem to be rushing headlong towards is what is know as 'disclosure', (the revealing of Aliens and U.F.O.'s).  From Hollywood to television and a multitude of government and non-government agencies, there is a multiplicity of information that awaits revealing to the entire world that will say we are not alone;  That our Alien benefactors are ready to return to help mankind solve the many problems now facing us.  Don't believe any of this.  These entities are none other than the fallen ones of old, the return of the Nephilim  who are of the Devil himself.  They will deceive mankind to the acceptance of the Antichrist as God.

For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. Matthew 24:24 NIV

As for some very interesting potential prophetic fulfillments on the very near horizon, we came across this article regarding Damascus and the 'Mother of all Battles'.  

Syrian Army gears up for Mother of all Battles in east Damascus amid the arrival of top-end commander
Forces of the Syrian Arab Army and allied paramilitaries are gearing up for a Mother of all Battle in eastern Damascus amid a constant and ongoing build up of new troops and heavy equipment as well as the arrival of a top-end commander.

This future battle may well reduce much of Damascus to a heap of rubble, (Isaiah 17), and see many of her young warriors and young men fall as they fight among one another.  Just at Jeremiah foresaw several thousands of years ago:

Damascus has become feeble, she has turned to flee and panic has gripped her; anguish and pain have seized her, pain like that of a woman in labor. Why has the city of renown not been abandoned, the town in which I delight? Surely, her young men will fall in the streets; all her soldiers will be silenced in that day," declares the LORD Almighty. Jeremiah 49:24-26 NIV

As for what the so called experts see for the year 2018, it ranges from rising global tensions, huge humanitarian crisis's, major geopolitcal changes, a continuation of the increase in both large earthquake activity and volcanic eruptions.  And just for good measure, more signs in the cosmos.  If we didn't know any better we would guess that these experts have been reading their bibles and writing their respective synopsis's based on what the bible says is coming and what these experts see in the world.

Expect 2018 to be a year of living dangerously as global tensions rise

Eurasia Group Warns A "Major Geopolitical Crisis" May Be Coming In 2018

Geologists see 2018 as year of monster quakes

2018 Will Be The Year Humanity Directly 'Sees' Our First Black Hole

So as we always like to warn, keep you eyes looking heavenward, for your redemption is drawing very close.  And continue to work down here on earth spreading the message of Jesus Christ to those with an ear to hear and a heart to learn.  Until next week.  Maranatha.

He who testifies to these things says, "Yes, I am coming soon." Amen. Come, Lord Jesus. Revelation 22:20 NIV

Prophecy Sign:  Rumors of War

US closer than ever to 'nuclear war with North Korea,' Mullen says

‘War worse than any in human history’ Russia's stark warning to US and North Korea

'Mass Evacuation' North Korea WW3 fear 'to spark clearance of 10 Million from target zone'
North Korea says it will continue preparing ‘pre-emptive attacks with nuclear force’

‘US mainland in our nuclear strike range’, Kim Jong-un warns in New Year’s speech

Kim says US should know North Korean nuclear force a reality

Prophecy Sign:  The revived Roman Empire, (The EU Superstate)

'Austria will set agenda for Europe' Coalition looks to 'take back control' from Brussels

One Third of Germans Want ‘United States of Europe’

Ireland joins PESCO... is it the start of an EU army?

Prophecy Sign:  Israel, Jerusalem and the Jews - The Cup of Trembling and Burdensome Stone

German Jewish Leader Warns That Jews May Require Police Protection As Anti-Semitism Escalates

Prophecy Sign:  'Mark of the Beast' - The future global ID, (buy/sell), program

Russia Planning National Biometric Database For Banking Next Year, Expanding Worldwide Trend

Prophecy Sign:  Increased Knowledge


Former Nasa scientist wants to create a new breed of SUPERHUMANS by 'helping people genetically modify themselves' using DNA injections

Brand new way to create babies without sex: In 10-20 years, researchers predict men won't be needed for procreation

An AI expert explains how robot-human offspring would work

Weaponized Artificial Intelligence Set To Create Autonomous Nightmare in 2018

Sex robot armies: Fears hackers could create killer cyborgs and turn technology on punters

Prophecy Sign:  Increase in volcanic and earthquake activity

Strong Earthquakes Hit San Francisco And Mount St. Helens And Experts Warn They May Be Foreshocks For ‘Something Larger’

California 'not ready' for mega earthquake as 4.4 tremor rattles most dangerous fault

Mount St. Helens Is Rumbling Again With 40 Earthquakes Since New Years Day

Prophecy Sign:  Violence/Terrorism will fill the earth

There Have Been More Than 30,000 Documented Terror Attacks Worldwide Since September 2001

Bombshell Study:  Migrants caused 92% violent crime increase in Germany

Prophecy Sign:  The Strong Delusion - Ancient Aliens/Return of the Nephilim

Existence of extra-terrestrial craft 'proved beyond reasonable doubt', says former Pentagon X-Files chief 

California Led U.S. with 490 UFO Sightings in 2017

God and E.T.: Vatican astronomer would baptize Aliens if they ask

Prophecy Sign:  Increasing Christian Persecution

Christian persecution and genocide is worse now than “any time in history”, report says

Hindu Radicals Launch at Least 23 Attacks during 2017 Christmas Season in India

Middle Eastern Christians in dire straits – but the West doesn’t want to know

Swedish church pushes for neutral gender reference to Jesus

Bestiality brothels are 'spreading through Germany' warns campaigner as abusers turn to sex with animals as 'lifestyle choice'